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Student Bus Project
Press release
Dubai, UAE, MAY 2023
Student Bus Project
School Bus Project Streamlines Attendance Monitoring with Face Recognition Technology
This innovative technology has been designed to streamline the process of recording student attendance on school buses, making it easier for schools to keep track of who is on board each day.

Dubai, UAE, MAY 2023 - Meldana LLC is proud to announce the implementation of a new school bus project that uses face recognition technology to monitor attendance.

In addition to tracking attendance, the system also provides administrators with additional data such as the time students board and disembark the bus, how long they spend on the bus, and more. This information can be used to monitor student safety and provide comprehensive reports for parents and school staff.

This project is designed to ensure the safety of school children by monitoring their movements and attendance in school buses.

The project is based on the latest facial recognition technology, which uses cameras mounted on the school buses to identify and track the students as they board and disembark. The system also records the time of entry and exit of each student. This data is then used to monitor the attendance of the students and ensure that they arrive and leave safely.

Meldana Company has worked closely with local authorities and schools to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. The project has been thoroughly tested and is now ready for roll-out.

The face recognition technology has been well-received by school administrators and students alike. They appreciate the convenience of the system and its ability to accurately record attendance data. The project has been a great success and is expected to provide many benefits to schools in the years to come.

Meldana LLC is committed to providing innovative solutions that make the job of school administrators easier. We look forward to continuing to provide cutting-edge technologies to schools in the future.

Meldana Company is committed to providing the most advanced security and safety solutions for school children in the UAE. The face recognition school bus project is just the beginning of a larger safety initiative that will continue to be developed.

We believe that our project can help make UAE a safer place for school children and their families.

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