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Software products that allow you to manage video surveillance systems, analyze video data and process information in real time
Get the most out of your video surveillance systems.
  • Video Management Software (VMS)
    Allows you to manage and control all IP cameras and other devices from a single interface. This makes it easier to manage the system and allows you to quickly configure video surveillance settings.
  • Video Analytics Software
    It is software that allows you to automatically analyze video data and detect certain objects or events. It can be used to detect movement, line crossing, abandoned objects, etc.
  • Intelligent Video Surveillance Software
    Software that allows you to create intelligent video surveillance systems. It can be used for automatic face identification, license plate recognition, age and gender detection, etc.
  • Mobile Video Surveillance Software
    Software for mobile devices that allows you to view video data in real time and control video surveillance systems remotely.
  • Access Control Software
    Software for managing access control systems. It allows you to control access to zones and objects, control the time spent, etc.
  • Alarm Management Software
    Warning systems management software. It allows you to manage alerts, control reaction time, etc.
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