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— Project development and budgeting
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Construction of wireless networks
Building wireless networks is the best solution for organizing an Internet connection for mobile users
Equipment selection
In Meldana we choose our solution for you very carefully, considering the quality and efficiency. Manufacturers and models presented by Meldana are analyzed and tested by a specialized team of engineers and experts in the field of telecommunications.
Meldana Services
We provide high-quality services for small and medium-sized businesses. Our solutions and services are for large houses, malls, companies, and even apartments. Our team of network specialists will find the best solution for you.
The choice of specialists
Meldana specialists are well experienced and highly trained to work professionally with the highest standards of electronics and telecommunications projects.
Complete Solutions
For offices and banks
A set of GSM / 3G repeaters and antennas allows you to get a stable cellular signal and for the Internet in offices and banks.
For remotely controlled projects
Creation of a coverage area for a GSM cellular signal and 3G / 4G Internet at any establishments located at a great distance from the base station.
For businesses and factories
A coverage network for a wide area. By creating a stable cellular and internet network with high stability. Allows the network to handle many devices at the same time, as well as maintain a high speed.
For shops and warehouses
3G/4G/GSM coverage area for rooms with many items and limitations that affect network stability. As well as a coverage area for the outdoor warehouse areas, which allows both to receive a communication signal for workers and set up special equipment.
For hotels, bars, and parking
Equipment that allows you to receive a stable GSM cellular signal and 3G / 4G Internet for both employees and visitors. It also allows you to get a stable signal for registrations and payment equipment.
For boats
Our team will help you gain confidence in the ocean and help you to navigate safely during the coastal course of sea yachts. The company "Meldana" presents marine LTE communication systems.
Ready-made kits in Kazakhstan
Free delivery to the door
Internet kit "Mini"
The most versatile kit, suitable for most tasks. Ease of self-installation and efficiency in action.

• Directional antenna
• Cable 5D-FB 10m.
• Universal adapter for any type of USB modem.
• 3G/4G modem

When placing an order, you can always change the brand and length of the cable, change the type of adapter, add a USB extension cable and wall mount.
Internet for home and apartment
Kit for amplifying 3G and 4G networks in an apartment and a private house.

• directional antenna
• 5D-FB cable 10 m.
• Universal adapter for USB modem.
• 4G modem
• internet distributor

When you place an order, you can always change the brand, cable length, change the adapter type, add a USB extension cable and a wall mount.
Multiple set "Reinforce"
An option for country houses and cottages with difficult terrain. Ease of self-installation and efficient work.

• Powerful directional antenna
• 5D-FB cable 10 m.
• Universal adapter for any type of USB modem.
• 3G / 4G modem

When you place an order, you can always change the brand, cable length, change the adapter type, add a USB extension cable and a wall mount.
Wi-Fi hotspot MikroTik
One of the most popular among the entire model range of MikroTik access points is the SXT/SXTG series of wireless access points. Built on Atheros Ar9xxx processors with high clock speeds, they are capable of processing large amounts of information at maximum load. This series differs from the whole variety of similar models on the modern market by an increased beam width of 90 degrees. Due to this, they can be used as sector access points on a point-to-multipoint basis.

The MikroTik Metal series are powerful 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi points enclosed in a durable metal waterproof case. According to the company itself, access points of the MikroTik Metal series are serious telecommunications equipment designed for external installation. The devices have a LAN port at 100 Mbps, as well as an N-connector, thanks to which it is possible to connect an external antenna with a gain of 6dbi and use the devices to organize a base station or a wireless bridge according to the 802.11b/g/n standard. The devices run RouterOS Level 4, which allows you to configure settings such as speed limiting, VPN, Firewall, HotSpot, PPPoE server, etc.
MikroTik OmniTik and Mikrotik RB751 Series
The MikroTik OmniTik series is an excellent all-weather solution and is equipped with a powerful dual polarization antenna. Support for TDMA Nv2 technology allows you to provide a channel bandwidth of up to 200 Mbps. Five Ethernet ports, 400mW transmitter power, rich functionality and many options make OmniTIK access points an ideal solution for organizing base stations for short distances and cost-effective mid-range wireless networks.

The Mikrotik RB751 series combines a router and a WI-Fi access point. It is an excellent solution for use at home or a small office, with its help you can easily and easily organize a small local area network. Thanks to this organization, it becomes possible to access the Ethernet network both via a wired channel and via Wi-Fi, which is very convenient. Mikrotik RB751 access points operate in the 2.4 GHz band using MIMO (2x2) technology. The technical characteristics of the devices are significantly increased due to the use of external antennas instead of built-in ones (the corresponding connector is provided by the manufacturer). These access points are among the most powerful of all SONO products.
The MikroTik NetMetal5 series
The MikroTik NetMetal5 series has an aluminum waterproof case with a dual purpose: protection from adverse weather conditions and at the same time a powerful heatsink. Access points of this series support the wireless standard 802.11ac with a channel width of 20/40/80 MHz. The transmitter power is 2000mW, which achieves a throughput of up to 866 Mbps.

The MikroTik QRT series is an outdoor panel antenna with a built-in routerboard and a powerful 23dbi antenna. It is designed to quickly deploy a point-to-point broadband network over long distances at minimal cost. High output power combined with the broadest capabilities of the Mikrotik RouterOS OS make the MikroTik QRT series unique in its kind, allowing it to occupy its rightful place in the network device market. The advanced license level allows you to use devices in different configurations, such as a wireless router, gateway, base station, client equipment, etc.
Internet and cellular communications for transportation
The car kit is designed to amplify the cellular signal in moving objects (cars, ships, elevators, etc.). It operates in the 2G (EGSM / GSM-900), 3G (UMTS900) operating bands and allows you to achieve high-quality signal amplification, both in the transport itself and in a certain area near it. A kit was developed taking into account the possibility of self-installation, or in a specialized service, if you have any questions, you can always contact our specialists:
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